Rising Power, Anxious State

Scott, how’s everything going? I can’t wait to tell you that I can read a little Chinese now. I know you like to ask people how they think about China. Well, it’s hard to vividly and accurately describe such a big picture. I came across an article that may provide you with general idea, although it’s a little bit outdated. I developed my opinion toward China from sources like the article, and from people like you. You are excellent, by the way. The article concludes that China is a “Rising power, anxious state”. I can see it’s a rising power, but I have no idea whether it’s an anxious state or not. If it is, where did anxiety come from?
Wish you a great Horse year!

Edward, you presented me with such a tough question that I’m not able to give you a perfect reply, at least for now. They feel anxious possibly because they are eager to catch up with the United States. As for myself, whenever I sense I’m growing anxious, I pray. Whenever I speak to God, I reap peace of mind.
May God bless us all.

Translation / 翻译

Scott / Webmaster:

能够阅读英文的朋友可以浏览这篇文章「Rising Power, Anxious State / 崛起的强权,焦虑的国家」,以感受西方人如何看中国。

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