Financial Consulting / 财务咨询

Financial Consulting



We provide various financial and management consulting services, including overall planning, budget analysis, debt consolidation, mergers and acquisitions, going public or private.



We work closely with you to help you achieve your financial goals. We work closely with other professional services firms to fulfill special projects, including trust set-up, pension and retirement planning.



When you are planning to buy or sell a business, we offer advice about local market conditions, industry trends, and government regulations. We perform economic analysis, statistical and quantitative analysis to assist your purchase or sale, and help ensure the deal.


进驻美国后的第一步是设立美国公司。通常采用最多的两种公司类型是 S-Corporation (Small/Subchapter-S Corporation: 五名以内股东,美国公民或绿卡持有者) 和 LLC (Limited Liability Company: 股东组合中有美国以外的个人或公司)。其中细节和实施步骤请向我们咨询。

E-Commerce is very popular nowadays and is still growing very fast. We will be glad to help you with the tax compliance and technological challenges when you expand your business to the internet.



International transaction and international tax are complicated. They fall into the scope of our expertise. We are familiar with China and the United States, and are always ready to share our experience with you.


跨国经营中不可避免地涉及关联方交易,我们会协助你制定转移定价 (Transfer Pricing),以实现最大限度的税务优化。当需要签订经营合同,或办理 L-1 工作签证时,我们可向你推介相关领域的法律专业人士。

Some private companies are seeking capital and enhancing reputation by going public. Some public companies are going private to reduce costs associated with information disclosure. In either way, we are happy to help.



Financial planning is vital to your business success. We will create a detailed strategy tailored to your specific situation, and help you reap a harvest out of your endeavor.